CQ7 Series UP-OCC Copper IEM Cable

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The CQ7 Series UP-OCC copper cable is smooth and engaging.  It offers a touch of organic warmth with a slight boost to the bass, but it gives up nothing in resolution or detail. It's an excellent complement to a brighter IEM.

Our Ultra Pure Ohno Continuous Cast (UP-OCC) wire is custom made to our specifications by one of the largest producers of OCC wire. OCC is an industrial process that produces a sonically superior wire by eliminating grain boundaries, impurities and oxygen.  The resulting single crystal of silver or copper provides a high bandwidth path for signal transfer.

Please allow 50 hours for burn-in and stabilization of sound.


Although IEM connectors are standardized, due to tight tolerances and subtle design differences our connectors may not fit your IEMs. It is not possible for us to test a particular cable with every model of IEM. If the connection seems too tight or not compatible, please DO NOT try to force the connector into your IEM, as you may damage it. Please return the cable or ask us about possible solutions.

The MMCX connectors are compatible with Shure, new Westone, Campfire Audio, and others.

Standard 0.78mm 2 pin connectors are compatible with iSine 10/20, JH, UE, old Westone, Noble, Unique Melody, 64 Audio and others. 

Cable Guide Option

For MMCX connectors the cable guide is clear heatshrink.  For 2 pin, Sennheiser and UE connectors the cable guide is a transparent silicone slip-on which installs onto the cable.


Silver/carbon fiber mini splitter.



Compatible with Astell&Kern KANN, AK70, AK240, AK300, AK320, AK380, AK100ii, AK120ii, Fiio X5 3rd Gen, X7 (with AM3), Onkyo DP-X1, Pioneer XDP-300R, Cayin N5, The Bit Opus #1 DAC, Luxury and Precision L3 DAC, and other devices with a balanced 2.5mm output.


Compatible with Sony PHA-2A, NW-WM1Z, NW-WM1A and other devices with a balanced 4.4mm output.



Compatible with Sony NW-ZX2, Hifiman HM901(S), HM802(S), HM650, LH Labs/Geek Out, and other devices with a 3.5mm balanced output.