Azumi UP-OCC Interconnect - XLR or RCA

Regular price $149.99

A poor quality connection between your DAC and your amp will impart a veil on your system, dulling quick transients and shrinking the soundstage. Azumi interconnects (built with the same UP-OCC silver plated copper as our Esprit series cables ) will remove the veil letting the music shine through.

LItz braided in an elegant silver grey and burgundy, this robust pair of interconnects is twice as thick as our standard headphone cable. 

Choice of XLR or RCA

UP-OCC silver plated copper conductor

NOW available with a UP-OCC pure silver conductor. This option is sheathed in white and burgundy paracord to distinguish between the regular silver plated copper Azumi interconnect.

The choice of lengths in the dropdown menu refers to the cable portion only and does not include the connectors.

The latest version ships as two separate and discrete left and right cables. The option for a single piece that is interbraided is no longer available.